Environmental and social affairs

Assuming responsibility

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Values and motivation

Focus on man and the environment 

The demand for energy is almost endless - but resources are not. That is why we need energy that can be made available to people in an environment-friendly and sustainable way. This applies especially to the production and further processing of lithium.

ACISA aims to play a major role in shaping the battery industry of the future - from the extraction of lithium as a raw material to the production of cathode material and the manufacture of battery systems.

All our activities are centered around man and sustainability.



Sustainability has top priority


Conservation of resources
and the environment

We do not take any brine from the Salar de Uyuni, instead we use the existing residual brine. We extract lithium hydroxide from this brine as a valuable raw material and, where appropriate, use other valuable substances contained therein. This minimizes the amount of waste produced. All our work complies with international environmental standards.


Renewable energies

To reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible, we use renewable energies. Examples include a solar power plant combined with battery storage systems, as well as solar-thermal plants to generate heat.


Water management

The water contained in the residual brine is sufficient for our lithium hydroxide production. No additional process water is required. If necessary, water can be recovered from the process and supplied to the surrounding communities.


Environmental management

Sights set on certification 

The environment and sustainability mean a lot to ACI Systems Alemania. Therefore, we are preparing to have our company certified according to the international environmental management standard ISO 14001.

This standard defines globally-recognized requirements for environmental management systems. It is part of a family of standards that includes numerous other standards applicable to various areas, such as life cycle assessments, environmental performance indicators and environmental performance evaluations. The environmental management standard ISO 14001 is applicable to manufacturing and service companies alike.

ISO 14001 focuses on a continuous improvement process as a means of achieving the defined environmental performance objectives of an organization (company, service provider, government authority, etc.). The continuous improvement process is based on the
Plan-Do-Check-Act method, in short: PDCA.


Social responsibility

Creating jobs and transferring know-how

The project will create around 1,000 direct jobs and up to 10,000 indirect jobs in a region that has a weak economy.

As part of the planned German-Bolivian training partnership, future employees will be professionally trained and qualified.

ACISA and its partners will ensure the transfer of cutting-edge technologies and know-how to the people of Bolivia.

Cutting-edge technology and excellently-trained specialists form the basis of sustainable success.

We work with one another, for one another and towards a common goal.



Creating perspectives

Our goal is to make everyone a winner. Therefore, part of the profits generated by us are donated to a social foundation. Its task is to train and qualify young Bolivians locally and to advance their careers.

In this way, we create perspectives and help to improve the living conditions of the Bolivian people.