Fair and sustainable lithium production in Bolivia

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We are

ACI Systems Alemania

ACI Systems Alemania (ACISA) is a spin-off of the ACI group and specializes in developing innovative and sustainable energy and manufacturing solutions. With the industrialization of lithium in Bolivia, ACISA not only supports the ongoing implementation of the new energy policy but also the expansion of electromobility.



Internal experts

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Schmutz

A far-sighted and visionary entrepreneur

After holding managerial positions in various institutes and companies, in 2004 the mechanical engineer Wolfgang Schmutz began to set up the ACI Group, which today includes ACI Systems Alemania GmbH. He plays a leading role as owner, chairman of the supervisory board and managing partner - but above all as a pioneer and innovator.

Whether it is revolutionary clean room concepts for microelectronics or groundbreaking interconnecting technologies that enable high-efficiency photovoltaic modules to be mass-produced, Wolfgang Schmutz sets standards with innovative developments. For some years now, battery production - from the raw material lithium to production plants for battery and storage systems - has been the focus of the visionary's activities. With entrepreneurial determination and foresight, he has developed an energy and mobility initiative with Bolivia and founded the company ACI Systems Alemania GmbH.

Stefan Kosel

Tireless strategist,
business developer

His large international network and broad experience in Latin-American markets have brought him to be part of ACI Group. From 2016 he is in charge of business development. In this capacity, he is responsible for identifying, developing and implementing strategic projects, particularly in South America.

The strategist with international network gathers relevant potential partners and leads the alignment of interests. His commitment has been instrumental in establishing the first joint venture with the Bolivian state-owned company Yacimientos de Litio Bolivianos (YLB).

Elena Ruiz Lozano

Expert for environmental
and social affairs

After studying environmental sciences, Elena Ruiz has worked as an environmental expert for various companies in Germany and Spain on the development of sustainable projects. In addition, she has also been involved in climate policy in the area of emissions trading systems. The graduate engineer for environmental sciences has been a member of the team at ACI Systems Alemania GmbH since July 2018. Elena Ruiz is responsible for managing the environmental and social aspects of the project to extract lithium from residual brine at Salar de Uyuni. Among other things, her job is to coordinate and cooperate with external companies and institutes in order to conduct studies on the environmental and social compatibility of the project.

Dr. Frank Stubhan

Project manager with international experience

After studying physics and obtaining his doctorate at the University of Ulm, he was involved for more than 10 years in materials research in Germany and China. The physicist then worked as managing director for various companies in the electronics, photovoltaics and automotive industries. As COO of SiTec GmbH, Frank Stubhan was in charge of EPC projects for polycrystalline silicon plants worldwide. Frank Stubhan joined the management team of the ACI Group in 2017. Now, as CTO of ACI Systems Alemania GmbH, he is head of project management.

Steffen Trick

Expert for finances, management and administration

Steffen Trick is in charge of the restructuration of the financial, management and administrative departments of the national and international companies in mechanical engineering, trade and service sectors that had been founded and taken over by ACI. As an expert in strategic planning and implementation, the graduate business economist has extensive experience in his own sphere of responsibility. Steffen Trick is head of finance, management and administration.

Paul Renner

Sales professional in international raw materials trading

For around 30 years, Paul Renner has specialized in international commodity trading, including warehousing and transport, even in economically challenging markets. Another focus of his previous activities was trade finance. The success-oriented sales manager with extensive international experience also has a first-class worldwide network for developing and expanding global business relationships. Paul Renner now implements this comprehensive sales know-how at ACI Systems Alemania GmbH, where he is head of sales and marketing for raw materials.

Dr. Manfred Koch

Experience in process development and production optimization

After studying organic and technical chemistry, Manfred Koch has not only worked for leading chemical companies in various management positions in Europe and South America but has also applied for more than 45 patents. Since October 2006, Koch, who holds a doctorate in chemistry, has been working as a freelance consultant for companies to help them evaluate and develop chemical processes, plan manufacturing sites and optimize production. Among the many projects he worked on, one was concerned with optimizing processes to extract lithium carbonate and lithium chloride at the Albemarle production site in La Negra (Chile), and another with providing advice on the construction of a lithium hydroxide production facility in Canada. Manfred Koch joined the ACI Group's team of experts in July 2017. His current tasks include evaluating and improving processes, as well as giving general advice on the construction of production facilities.

External experts

Alexander Keller

Entrepreneur and expert on business development

After 21 years with thyssenkrupp Elevator, most recently as CEO for Europe and Africa, Alexander Keller has bundled his entire elevator expertise in EVODIA Service GmbH and now directs the company as managing partner. He also assists globally-active companies and start-ups with their strategic development.

Alain Rollier

Entrepreneur, investment development expert

Alain Rollier has many years of international experience as manager at Mikron Technology Group AG in Biel, at Sulzer and for more than 15 years as an entrepreneur. He is the founder of several start-ups.
At Helvetia Partners, Rollier focuses on investment development. With his network and know-how, he assists ACI Systems Alemania GmbH in matters such as corporate and project structuring and financing.



Green lithium produced by ACISA

As an innovative company that pursues the concept of sustainability, we are advancing the industrialization of lithium production in Bolivia.

We cover all service areas, thus ensuring the rapid implementation and long-term success of this international partnership.


Planning and constructing
production plants for
lithium hydroxide

We specialize in planning and constructing turnkey production plants for lithium hydroxide and other salts, as well as on their subsequent industrialization.


Transferring know-how

For us, transferring know-how is part of a fair partnership.


High-performance plant technology

With our high-performance plant technology and innovative techniques, we can produce lithium sustainably and efficiently in a way that is gentle on resources.


Industrialization along
the value chain

Together with our partners, we cover the entire value chain:    
from the raw material lithium hydroxide right through to cathode materials and manufacturing equipment for battery systems.  


participation opportunities

The concept of the project enables various forms of cooperation and partnerships with investors. Dealing responsibly with capital is one of our top priorities.


Sales and marketing

Within the project framework, the Mixed Enterprise (E.M.) YLB-ACISA has access to the residual brine from the world´s largest supply of lithium located at the Uyuni Salt Flats. These conditions guarantee the YLB ACISA-E.M a solid base for the development of the lithium value chain. Likewise, the YLB ACISA-E.M is responsible for the sale and marketing of the lithium hydroxide produced.


Motivation and objectives

Fair and sustainable raw material supply

We are committed to the environmentally-friendly extraction of the key raw material lithium and a fair partnership with Bolivia.

Bolivia has a 51 % stake in the joint venture YLB ACISA E.M. This enables Bolivia to benefit directly from the company's success. Through industrialization along the value chain, the advantages for Bolivia go beyond the sale of the raw material.



ACISA is backed by a strong network

We are backed by a strong and innovative network with direct connections to research and development, as well as to industry and politics.

Federal Foreign Office
Federal Ministry of Finance
Federal Chancellery
Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy
Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development
Ministry of the Interior, Digitization and Migration - Baden-Wuerttemberg
Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing - Baden-Wuerttemberg
Ministry of Economics, Science and the Digital Society - Free State of Thuringia
Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources
German Mineral Resources Agency
Euler Hermes Germany; branch office of Euler Hermes SA
German Credit Institute for Reconstruction
LEG Thüringen
State Development Corporation of Thuringia
German Association of the Mechanical Engineering Industry