Fair and sustainable lithium production in Bolivia

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We are

ACI Systems Alemania

ACI Systems Alemania (ACISA) is a spin-off of the ACI group and specializes in developing innovative and sustainable energy and manufacturing solutions. With the industrialization of lithium in Bolivia, ACISA not only supports the ongoing implementation of the new energy policy but also the expansion of electromobility.



Green lithium produced by ACISA

As an innovative company that pursues the concept of sustainability, we are advancing the industrialization of lithium production in Bolivia.

We cover all service areas, thus ensuring the rapid implementation and long-term success of this international partnership.


Planning and constructing
production plants for
lithium hydroxide

We specialize in planning and constructing turnkey production plants for lithium hydroxide and other salts, as well as on their subsequent industrialization.


Transferring know-how

For us, transferring know-how is part of a fair partnership.


High-performance plant technology

With our high-performance plant technology and innovative techniques, we can produce lithium sustainably and efficiently in a way that is gentle on resources.


Industrialization along
the value chain

Together with our partners, we cover the entire value chain:    
from the raw material lithium hydroxide right through to cathode materials and manufacturing equipment for battery systems.  


participation opportunities

The concept of the project enables various forms of cooperation and partnerships with investors. Dealing responsibly with capital is one of our top priorities.


Sales and marketing

Within the project framework, the Mixed Enterprise (E.M.) YLB-ACISA has access to the residual brine from the world´s largest supply of lithium located at the Uyuni Salt Flats. These conditions guarantee the YLB ACISA-E.M a solid base for the development of the lithium value chain. Likewise, the YLB ACISA-E.M is responsible for the sale and marketing of the lithium hydroxide produced.


Motivation and objectives

Fair and sustainable raw material supply

We are committed to the environmentally-friendly extraction of the key raw material lithium and a fair partnership with Bolivia.

Bolivia has a 51 % stake in the joint venture YLB ACISA E.M. This enables Bolivia to benefit directly from the company's success. Through industrialization along the value chain, the advantages for Bolivia go beyond the sale of the raw material.